Create an eye-catching book cover

Creating a captivating book cover is an art form, it must send a message, intrigue the reader, convey the genre with trendy fonts and designs, convey the personality of the book and of who wrote it. When hiring an artist to make a custom cover check their portfolio and reviews. Make sure it always uses licensed material. Be wary of those who use materials, photos, and vectors recovered from free sites: these sites often contain images of dubious origin, not legitimate, it is better not to risk even if, browsing the pages of Amazon, I see hundreds of book covers made with photos taken from these sites. Make sure, if you buy a premade cover, that the materials used are purchased. Remember that up to 500,000 copies you are covered by the standard license, exceeding this number of copies sold it is necessary to purchase an extended license on each of the photos used. For example, I often use a 3D program to make characters, backgrounds, props and in this case, my license is extended. Many do not like the faces of the characters in 3D, so I replace the faces with photos purchased on commercial sites. In this case, the face is the only standard licensed image. I will come back to this point again, which is very important