Designing covers for Young Adults

Fantastic stories for young adults is an ever-growing market, many young people, but also adults, love to read and write adventurous stories of fantasy, magic, paranormal that have brave and enterprising teenagers as protagonists. I love working on the covers for YA. I always try to create covers that not only appeal to a Young Adult audience, but that fascinate and also appeal to an adult audience. For this genre I love to use bright colors full of light and fantasy. Covers of this genre are generally illustrated, but a good rendering with a splash of hand paint on top makes the cover more affordable on price and the illustrated effect is absolutely stunning. Usually the faces of the protagonists are shown on the covers of YA. The font used is bold, a genre with curls and ornaments, decorative frames … here everything is allowed, you just have to be careful not to overdo it. Below I propose an example of 3 covers for YA. I hope you like them

premade covers. fantasy, YA, Children category.