How to create a screaming cover for your novel.

Creating impactful covers is essential to getting someone to buy our book. Many think that it is unethical to think that a reader might be attracted to the cover and that they buy the book only (or mainly) for it. They believe that this type of reader is made up of “Series B” readers.
This is a wrong bias. On the contrary, I believe that it is fair and honest to attract a reader even with a captivating cover. Your book cover is a graphic preview of your story. The cover must be perfectly in line with the theme of the book. Colors are also important. Yellow and black are very well suited to thriller, crime, and detective stories. Pink, white, and blue for love novels. Purple, blue along darker shades, are well suited to the fantasy genre. Red and black are found in the images of violence, they recall blood and danger and fit into horror stories. As for children’s books, all bright colors are allowed, except black, it is forbidden to use black for children’s books, while for the covers intended for stories for YA, bright colors and even a little bit of black, like a vignette around, are allowed.