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How It Works

Whether you are a publisher, or an author for the first time here we have a selection of the predefined covers indie author book covers for sale that can be chosen or bought. These covers are exclusive. Once your cover is bought it will no longer be available to be bought by others and all the rights will be transferred. Once the payment is confirmed you will have to communicate the title of the book and the name of the author. On requests customized covers can be projected. Consult Other Services .

Why choosing a premade cover?

Premade covers are a solution for Indie Author does not have a high budget, but still wants a professional cover well done. On this site you have many choices, you just have to find the one more adapting to your story. It is said to don’t judge a book by its cover; the cover of a book, though, represents the first impact with the reader. If it catches the attention, if it can make itself notable in the pile, there are good chances that the novel in question will be taken and leafed through. So an author who self-publishes here you find your solution

What to pick?

Here you find hundreds of covers to pick, based on genre and typology (Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Romance, Chick Lit, Thriller, ecc) . New premade covers for Indie Authors are added every week. To make these covers I use only stock material with a standard license (image and character) and once sold the premade cover will no longer be available for other. It’s up to you to choose the cover with a design that best suits your story.

Payment terms

Once you have chosen the premade cover suitable for your book, you will have to put the products in the cart and complete the payment by paypal or bank transfer. The premade cover you chose will immediately be unavailable.

For Custom Covers. and Other Services The 50% deposit must be paid in advance and the remaining 50% must be deposited after approval of my work.