Whether you are a publisher, or an author for the first time here we have a selection of the predefined covers indie author book covers for sale that can be chosen or bought.

You have spent many difficult days, weeks, months writing your masterpiece. Well done! The insides are perfect, but as for the exteriors ... Those potential readers will surely judge your book by the cover. To get a prospect's attention your cover needs to stand out, it needs to grab attention, and you don't have much time for that. He thinks like a reader, a reader is attracted to a cover that gives him emotions, he becomes curious and clicks there, where he is attracted. So the cover is the business card of your book.

Don't have a huge budget to spend on your book cover? Well, here's why choosing a premade cover. Over 500 professional book covers ready and well made and to choose from at a price accessible to all. Some covers by genre and adaptability fall into two or three categories.

Each cover is exclusive and once sold it will no longer be available to anyone. I will change the title I have chosen to the one you provide me and the author name.

If you've purchased a premade cover but need a series, that's fine, most premade covers for sale can be made into a series.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to use the contact form.