I’m Giuseppina D’Anna, Giusy for friends.

I work in the Digital Graphics field since 10 years. I have started this creative career as a passion and as an hobby, attending to professional courses. With time I perfected myself as a self-learner, looking for my own style and my expression. In the field I have made many experiences: logos, brochures, packaging, fliers, visiting cards and much more. With time I channeled my energies in photo editing and in photographic manipulation, working at the designing of books’ covers, posters, boards. In that exact field I am giving the best of myself and maybe this is precisely why I have received many satisfactions and gratifications. I am constantly keeping myself informed about new innovative techniques. You never stop learning…

I have been married, separated and happily divorced since 15 years. I have a 20 years old son, which follows my creative path. He’s currently attending to an artistic high school.

I am a sportswoman and every morning, before work, I work out 45 minutes. I love good music and I enjoy almost every kind, especially during work: music helps me focusing and gives me inspiration. In this case I like to listen to New Age or Classical. Meanwhile, when I’m cleaning my house or I am working out, I like Rock or Progressive music: it boosts my energy out

I love to read novels, especially horrors and fantasy. My favorite authors are Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I gladly take an interest in philosophy and literary essays: (Rudolf Steiner, Max Heindel, Helena Blavatsky, Daisaku Ikeda); I am also into the biographic genre: (Oriana Fallaci, Zana Muhsen)

With my clothing, I like to often change look and style; which is something I love to do in art as well. The ability and the desire of change let me adapt myself to different needs.

I really love animals. In my house have never been missing cats and dogs, which I consider family members. At the moment I have two marvelous cats I have picked up from the street when they were cubs.

I extremely love my job, which I conduct with passion and often until late at night. I am very open to listen to new ideas and I appreciate both the constructive critics and the suggestions, which I consider source of self-development.