Designing a book cover

What are the questions I ask myself before designing a book cover for an author?
Is he an emerging author or is he an established writer? how many books has he written? I’m going to take a look at his bibliography to know his tastes and style. I try to familiarize myself with the brand of him. Where will his book be sold? If you choose Amazon as a platform, now appreciated by the majority, I will certainly have to make sure that the texts are large and legible. It needs to stand out well as a thumbnail to grab the reader’s attention. Gender must be clear. If the book is going to be printed, the colors may be slightly different, a little more washed out (CMYK) than the ebook which uses the RGB color gamut. When designing a book, it is best to inquire immediately whether the book will be used as an ebook, intended for print, or both.
It is useful to know some key elements of the story, of the important passages that can be inserted in the cover artwork. At this point, if the author does not have design ideas yet, he will have to provide me with a short brief that summarizes a bit the content of the story and the main characters. I still have a lot of things to say about it and I will definitely come back to this topic later.

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