How to design an urban fantasy cover

Today I want to tell you about the covers of Urban Fantasy. The first thing that catches the eye of this genre are the bright and sparkling colors. The background to create the composition for this genre always has an urban landscape, a city, skyscrapers, back streets, cemeteries or gothic and mysterious interiors such as ancient libraries, but also ruins, forests with an atmosphere of fog or enveloping and mysterious works. Sometimes on the cover there are mythological creatures such as dragons, werewolves, vampires, elves or powerful animals such as wolves or cats. The protagonist, male or female or both, assumes a dynamic and hard pose. Sometimes she wields a weapon, sword, dagger, or a brightly colored magical spear.

She can also emanate a ball of fire or fire from her hands. The dresses are sexy, in leather or jeans, a tight and sexy t-shirt or top. The protagonist can wear black or white angel wings. Dragon wings can also be worn. Colors are all allowed as long as they are full of light and magic. Two or three colors can be harmoniously combined. These covers attract a lot of attention thanks to their bright colors.

Lovers of the urban fantasy genre love pink, blue, golden yellow, purple, but green and red also work, the important thing is that they are bright and sparkling, as explained above, and that the atmosphere is glowing, surreal and magical.
Another type that is in great demand and that I put in the urban fantasy category are the academy covers. In this typology we often see a very young girl in school uniform with a book in her hand, possibly ancient and magical, or with a magic wand. I would like to talk about this type again in a new post.

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Here are some examples of urban fantasy.


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