How to design an urban fantasy cover

Today I want to tell you about the covers of Urban Fantasy. The colors for this genre are vibrant and bright. The background to create the composition for this genre always has an urban landscape, a city, skyscrapers, back streets, etc. Sometimes on the cover, there are mythological creatures such as dragons, werewolves, vampires, elves, or powerful animals such as wolves or cats. The protagonist, male or female or both, assumes a dynamic and hard pose. Sometimes she wields a weapon, sword, dagger, or magical, brightly colored spear. She can also emanate a ball of fire or fire from her hands. The dresses are sexy, in leather or jeans and a fitted T-shirt or top. for the protagonist, you can add black or white wings. Colors are all allowed as long as they are full of light and magic. Two to three colors can be harmoniously combined. These covers attract a lot of attention due to their bright colors. Here are some examples of urban fantasy.