I have made a payment. What do I do now?

There is a form on the chosen cover page where you can write the title of the book, the name of the author and a possible subtitle. Having done this you will not have to do is wait.

Below is a box that gives you the opportunity to write to me if there are any notes you want to communicate to me;


Can I ask any changes to the design?

Yes, of course, if the changes are not too revolutionary I will not ask you for a further supplement to pay;


In what format will you send me the files?

The ebook format will be a jpeg (RGB) on measure 6’’x9’’ (1800x1600px). In case you’d order a cover for the press I will send you a format in tiff, a format in pdf and a format in jpeg (all in CMYK);


Are the resources you use licence provided?

Of course. I have subscription to different websites that sell photographic and non-photographic resources. They all have a standard licence. In case of a customized cover you can send me a picture of you, if you have it, or I will tell you where to look for the pictures where I have my subscription;


At the exposed price do you have to add the resources’ cost as well?

No. The final price is included with stock and font pictures;


Once the product is bought, can I change it?

Usually no. But if you ask me immediately after the purchase you will have to contact me and tell me which cover you would like to replace. it is clear that communication must be done the same day. What I do not do is return the money back;


Is my cover exclusive or others can buy it too?

Once the cover is bought it will not be available for anyone else;


In how long will my cover be ready?

It depends on the workflow.
For the ebook it will take 12 hours at most. For the commissioned projects, once the design has been chosen, it will be ready in the next 24 hours;


I haven’t found what I am looking for in the gallery of the premade covers on sell

You can decide to ask me to make a customized cover for you. You can consult the page Custom Covers. Here you can consult the prices and the guidelines;


What I need to know is not written here

Send me a message in the section Order and I will answer you as soon as possible;