Designing science fiction covers

These days I have focused on making science-fiction covers. This is very fascinating and full of the mystery genre. How to convey the charm of this genre that never fades through the illustration of a cover? As I have said in other articles, the cover is the business card to promote your book and the cover must undoubtedly convey your genre: spaceships, aliens, strange creatures, astronauts, unexplored planets, distant galaxies, invasions on earth, landscapes futuristic are clear elements that communicate the science fiction genre and distinguish them from all other genres. A science-fiction cover is usually full of colors, lights, sometimes flames, and explosions, it conveys the atmosphere of the genre, it should be very captivating, cinematic, and full of action. The most common fonts for science fiction literature belong to the sans serif family. They exclude the terminal strokes at the end of the letters. Optionally, textures or glitch effects can be applied to the title.