Design Romantic Covers

Romance readers are predominantly women, so designing a book cover for a love story must take this factor into account as well. Readers of the romantic genre are usually between the ages of 35 and 55. The colors that best suit the genre are preferably warm and soft, pink (romantic), red (passion), yellow (optimism and hope), beige (serenity and calm), and do not spoil the green a bit, with leaves and flowers. that frame the cover. The characters on the cover of the romantic genre have sincere expressions, they look into each other’s eyes, they kiss, they touch, you can sense the feeling that exists between them, the atmosphere is intimate and full of complicity. I have designed several romantic covers for independent authors, and one thing I have noticed is the choice of images. The couple must be focused on them, I never choose images in which the protagonists, or even just one of the protagonists, turn their gaze to the reader. The cover should never be explicitly erotic, it just has to convey the fire of passion, a subtle understanding between them.